I love to scrapbook and to do crafty projects. It is my therapy. It is an outlet for me to be creative. Doing so helps me relax and keeps me sane. I wish I could get paid in doing what I love to do. Since I love to scrapbook and be crafty, I figure why not show what I create.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Okay so I am late, but better late than never.  Valentine's Day came and went and we had a good day.  The kids had their Valentine parties at school. (The traditional passing out cards and candy and their sugar filled bodies bouncing around like crazy.)  Well they had fun.  That's the most important thing right?! 
Anyway later on at our house, we have a little tradition in which I give the kids a little gift and for dinner we eat heart shaped pizza.  Oh how they looooove that!  Here's a pick...


I also did a fun little project.  I obviously had to do something with hearts.  Well I got this idea from a friend who does art classes for kids.  (She is very creative and does a lot of fun projects that the kids can't get enough of.)

For most of the hearts, I used pipe cleaners to make the heartshape.  I then used multi-toned pink yarn to wrap around the hearts.  For two of the hearts, I cut out the shape from clear plastic canvas (the kind that is used for crosstitching).  I wrapped them up with the yarn and put some Prima Flowers and brads as a little extra something to decorate it.  One of the smaller hearts I did use some red scrapbooking fiber to make it a little bit different.  This was a fun project to do.  I plan to keep them and put them up next year.

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