I love to scrapbook and to do crafty projects. It is my therapy. It is an outlet for me to be creative. Doing so helps me relax and keeps me sane. I wish I could get paid in doing what I love to do. Since I love to scrapbook and be crafty, I figure why not show what I create.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite Scrapbooking Items

One of my favorite stores, my LSS (Scrapbook Generation), is doing a giveaway based on answering a question. 
If you were snowed in and can only have 3 of your favorite scrapbooking items, what would they be? 

Well I had to think about that answer.  I have so many items and would want to have more.  It really got me thinking as to what would be 3 things that I use all the time... can't scrap without.  It was a tough decision but one I didn't think twice about.  Well here they are...

My Paper

Oh how I love paper.  I can't get enough of them.  All the scrapbooking paper companies keep coming out with awesome paper that I want them all.  This is one of those items that is a must have.  Without paper there wouldn't be much of a LO.  At times all you need is some pictures and paper and you have a great LO.

My Cricut

I love my Cricut machine.  It is a great invention and had to have when it came out.  There is so much you can do with it.  I choose this as one of my 3 items because I can completely embellish my page with just using this machine. So awesome!

My Adhesives

Of course this is a must have.  How else can I put all the wonderful embellishments that I make from my Cricut onto my awesome paper to create a beautiful LO.

So what are your 3 favorite scrapbooking items?

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