I love to scrapbook and to do crafty projects. It is my therapy. It is an outlet for me to be creative. Doing so helps me relax and keeps me sane. I wish I could get paid in doing what I love to do. Since I love to scrapbook and be crafty, I figure why not show what I create.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Boy it's been a while.  Lots have been going on and all three kids are now in school.  Since they are all in school now, I started a part time job to help bring in some extra money.  Well fall is definately in full swing here and all the fun creative things for the holidays begin.  I got inspired to do a few creative things to go with Halloween.  I love Halloween!  A first of a few holidays to follow and also a great sign of the fall season.

Below is a simple project that I got to use my cricut machine and thanks to my wonderful friend Erica, she let me borrow her Happy Hauntings cartridge.  Thanks my friend.  I cut out the images and used a clear thread to hang them up on my light fixture.  I think it looks cool and I love how you can't see the thread so they look like they are flying.

I also created the image below and placed it in a frame.  I used the Happy Hauntings cartridge to create the owl and the word "Boo".  I also stitched the sides of the paper going vertically.  It was fun to make and a great piece to add to my decorations for the house.

Well tomorrow is Halloween and I hope to be able to post pictures of our pumpkins that we decorated.  See you then.

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  1. Awesome stuff J!! I love those Mobile pieces!